A postal CN can be electronically translated into a CARDIT message. Almost all the posts in the world know how to send a CARDIT. Despite the differences existing between a CN and an AWB, some business rules have been designed by the industry bodies, enabling a data mapping between the UPU and the IATA standards. This mapping allows to populate the mandatory fields of a FWB and an FHL. From there, the carriers can manage the mail consignments in their cargo system such as if the physical flow were coming from a standard customer.

Any FSU message can be converted into a postal RESDIT to provide the posts with the return of information they expect. Not all the FSU messages refer to an operational event having a relevant meaning for the posts. But on most occasions, the common events reported for the cargo have a correspondence in the postal environment.

Postal AWB is coming live with Airmail Data.

Postal routes already covered by Airmail Data

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