Bridging gaps between mail & air cargo industries

Getting ICS 2 ready for mail (EAD)

For decades, postal mail has been treated as a specific product by the air carriers and follows its own business processes & standards separate from Cargo and based on the UPU Convention.

As from the 1st of March 2023, with the new European regulation Import Control System 2 (ICS 2), airlines carrying mail consignments to the EU will have to proceed to advanced electronic declarations (EAD) to the European border authorities. No doubt such a regulation will soon or later appears in other countries.

As a consequence, airlines carrying mail to the EU will have to get ready before this deadline.

This is why offers its services to help you being ICS 2 ready.

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EDI solution with Airmail Data under UPU standards

International mail transportation under the UPU Convention is a very old activity in a fast-changing environment.

Paper delivery bills are more and more replaced by EDI and the fore coming regulatory changes will rise the need for your organization to employ talents trained with the latest standards and regulatory backgrounds.

Partner of Airmail, can bring you the tailor-made solutions which will enhance your operational capabilities.


Becoming an IATA cargo accredited agent

Today, postal operators regularly need to call on intermediaries to manage their international transports.

Becoming an IATA accredited agent is an opportunity for posts to issue Airway Bill on behalf of airlines and to work directly with them, without intermediary. This allows to transport the flows no longer under the UPU convention but under the common law regime without having to rely on intermediaries.

So why not becoming an IATA accredited agent?

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Consultancy services & audits

As soon as you’re willing to carry mail, should you be a postal operator or a carrier, you need to understand or evaluate your potential and to challenge your operating and IT skills against the highest industry standards. propose tailor made consultancy services on the specific area of international mail transportation. Furthermore, there’s always a need to check the accuracy and the efficiency of your operations against the main standards and regulatory frameworks.

We help you to improve your operations by providing you with action plans and corrective measures by comparing your practices to the latest industry standards related to international mail transportation.


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